Bayberry Tapers
handpoured candles

Bayberry Tapers are a special order
item. Please allow 2-3 weeks
pouring and delivery time.

Packaged in gift boxes with legend.



"A bayberry candle burned to the socket
brings food to the larder and gold to the pocket"

There are between 35 and 50 species of small bayberry trees and shrubs. Bayberry wax, also known as bayberry tallow, candleberry, sweet gale, and wax myrtle, is the rarest and most prized of all candle waxes, and has a mild warm, earthy, spicy aroma.

Bayberry (myrica cerifera) wax is the aromatic green vegetable wax removed from the surface of the fruit of the bayberry shrub by boiling the berries in water and skimming the wax from the surface of the water. It takes 15 pounds of bayberries to make one pound of bayberry wax.

Legend has it that the Bay Tree gave shelter to the holy family during a storm. Therefore, lightning is said to never strike it. Sweethearts who light bayberry candles when they are separated at Christmas will be united by way of the gentle scent. Bayberry candles are especially popular around the holidays. According to tradition, a bayberry candle burned all the way down to the nub on Christmas Eve brings good luck for the coming year.

PLEASE NOTE: Bayberry wax is very brittle which results in a very short burn time and candle breakage during shipping. My bayberry candles are made with pure bayberry wax blended with a bit of pure beeswax to aid in burn time and candle consistency. With no added colorants, imitation fragrances, or chemicals, these candles are the natural color and fragrance of bayberry wax. This wax is filtered, but you may still see some tiny berry specks.