Scandinavian Gnome Folklore

Tales of Scandinavian gnomes emerged from a time when farms were extremely isolated, and inhabitants throughout Scandinavia had to live through dark, long winters. The Scandinavian gnomes sprang from the imaginations of people who wanted to feel less alone during these cold, dark months.

Gnomes usually have a long white or gray beard and large noses that cover the entirety of their face, and they wore typical Scandinavian colors, like brown, navy, or gray. Some of these traditional figures have bright red caps on their heads.

Small and bearded, gnomes are mischievous domestic spirits. Scandinavians believe that they’re responsible for the welfare and protection of a farmstead and its buildings.

Special Orders Considered

I hand crochet all my Scandinavian Gnomes ~ No two are alike

Prices ranging from $35.00 to $150.00
(Gnome ornaments - $7.50)

If you would like a gnome, please send me an email with inquiries

Making a Gnome

"Teddy Bear Elf"
New for 2023!

I have a lot of new ideas for this year and will be uploading photos as I go.
Check back often!

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