Alpine Naturals™ is proud to be one of the first companies to introduce natural, handmade cold process soaps to the body care industry.  My soaps are not store bought melt and pour glycerin soaps, but rather pure soap . . . made from scratch, with all natural ingredients.

Pure soap has been around for thousands of years with little or no evidence of any skin problems, unlike the documented adverse side affects of synthetic products that have been introduced into the personal care industry in recent years.

Many products claiming to be 'soap' are actually heavily processed synthetic detergents made from crude petroleum, ethylene oxide, and sulfuric acid, converting oils and fats into alcohols. The product is then further processed to remove the glycerin, usually with the use of more chemicals and salt. The final product is a chemical based foaming formula that irritates the skin, causes acne, eczema, and other skin problems, far from being natural and it is not soap.

My natural soaps are handmade with cold pressed grade A oils (quite often organic) and purified water. The saponification process turns the oils and water into soap and glycerin; no further processing, no toxic chemicals, alcohols, preservatives, or foaming agents are added, resulting in nothing but pure soap and the wonderful, moisturizing glycerin, which is not removed.

Once the soap is made, I add other natural ingredients such as organic aloe vera gel, vitamins and proteins, organic herbs and spices, organic ground oats, and pure essential oils, just to name a few. The soap is then poured into a mold (I use the old fashion wooden soap molds). After the soap sets up, it is removed from the mold, cut into bars, and allowed to age. A long, drawn out process, but I am sure you will find it is well worth the effort!


Handmade Soaps






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