Bath Accessories
Soap dishes, bath & complexion brushes, organic cottons

Bath Accessories

Bath, Body & Massage Oil
Wonderful, all natural oils for bath, body, baby, and massage. Available in over 100 fragrances, unscented, or 60 flavors.

Flavored Herbal

Bath & Spa Salts
The use of bath salts is one of the oldest skin care and relaxation therapies. They are used to purify and refresh the skin and cleanse the pores. They restore the lost essential minerals, soften and sooth your skin, improve its resilience, leaving it beaming with a youthful glow.

California Epsom Salts Hawaiian Red Himalayan Pink

Bayberry Candles
There are between 35 and 50 species of small bayberry trees and shrubs. Bayberry wax, also known as bayberry tallow, candleberry, sweet gale, and wax myrtle, is the rarest and most prized of all candle waxes, and has a mild warm, earthy, spicy aroma.

Bayberry Tapers

Beeswax Candles
Beeswax, though usually pale to dark yellow in color, is sometimes nearly white. The difference in color is due to the pollen consumed by the bees. It is estimated that for every pound of wax produced by bees, they must consume ten pounds of pollen. Beeswax candles burn slower, produce less smoke, and even unlit, they will fill a room with the warm, sweet smell of honey.

Beeswax Tapers

Body Mist
Body Mists are wonderful, fragrant, refreshers; naturally revitalizing and soothing. Spray on any time skin and spirits need a lift and to instantly moisturize and invigorate your skin. My body mist is light, hydrating, non-greasy, and is especially good for after bath pampering, as well as room and linen sprays.

Body Mist

Body Powder
Pure, gentle, herbal body powder provides soft, silky skin protection and is safe enough for use on babies. A rich blending of natural vegetable powders, skin soothing herbs, and silky white clay, it goes on lightly, spreads well, and gives a dry, clean feeling. Use my highly absorbent, herbal powder after a bath and on hot or humid days to help keep skin feeling fresh, silky, and dry. Because it absorbs excess moisture, it may also be used as a light deodorant.

Body Powder

Bubble Bath
You will love relaxing in a warm, bubbly bath with this mild bubble bath. A wonderfully soothing bubble bath that contains no sodium lauryl sulfates, DEA, parabens, or harsh detergents. Made with olive esters, vegetable glycerin, and chamomile to help your skin feel soft, supple, and conditioned.

Bubble Bath

Complexion & Body Bars
These complexion and body bars are packed full of wonderful, moisturizing oils; castor bean oil as an emollient; avocado oil for extremely dry and sensitive skin; cocoa butter is a great skin softener;  jojoba oil replaces moisture and repairs skin; aloe vera heals skin and restores pH levels; and evening primrose oil for skin nourishing.

Bergamot & Orange Peel Geranium & Elder Flower Green Tea & Dill Lady's Herbal
Patchouli & Chamomile Tangerine & Mint Tea Tree & Sage Ylang Ylang & Jasmine

Cosmetic Clays
Cosmetic grade clays are used to promote health, healing, and clean and exfoliate oils, dead skin cells, and dirt from the skin and pores. They are extremely rich in nutrients and minerals and help draw toxins from the skin and increase blood circulation, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.

Australian Reef Red Clay Bentonite Clay French Green Clay French Pink Clay
French Yellow Clay Fuller's Earth Clay Rhassoul Clay Rose Clay
White Clay

Custom Blended Soaps
All natural, custom blended soaps made especially for you. Select your soap, fragrance, and any addition you would like from the large selections listed. All soaps are their natural color. Some additions, such as red sandalwood powder, will naturally color your soap, and some fragrances, such as vanilla, will turn your soap a dark brown. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for your special blended soap to arrive.

Complexion & Body Bars Herbal Soaps Paleo Body Soaps Shampoo & Body Bars
Shaving Soaps Vegan Soaps

Deodorant stones are one of the most effective body deodorants known to man. The stones are 100% pure and are completely free of all additives and harmful chemicals. Hypoallergenic and non-staining, deodorant stones are a product for men, women, and teens who care about their health and bodies.

2 oz stone 4.25 oz stick 8 oz mist

Essential Oils
Naturally cultivated and steam distilled, these pure oils are extracted from the leaves, bark, flowers, roots, nuts, berries, and fruit of various herbs, shrubs, and trees. Use these wonderful oils for aromatherapy, skin care, and overall well being.

Essential Oils Essential Oil Blends

Exfoliating Soaps
Wonderful and fragrant exfoliating soaps filled with all kinds of natural powders, seeds, fibers, grains, and natural fruit and vegetable oils.

Almond & Vanilla Bean Apricot Seed Black Cherry Almond Cranberry Seed
Gardener's Grit Gardenia & Rose Hip Jasmine Plumeria
Raspberry Seed Sandalwood Spiced Plum

Fragrance Oils
Fragrance oils are blends of aroma components that are created to smell like the real thing. Some fragrance oils are blended from essential oils, but because they are not pure essential oil they are called fragrance oils and should not be confused with 100% natural essential oils used in aromatherapy.

Fragrance Oils

Goat Milk Soaps
This soap is wonderfully rich, creamy, smooth, and wholesome. Rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals, goat's milk is very nourishing for your skin offering gentle moisture and a glowing complexion. Goat's milk will help the skin maintain its natural pH balance, is excellent for sensitive skin, and softens skin with a delicate, creamy lather. 

Alpine Holiday Green Earth Milk & Honey Peaches & Cream
Warm Citrus

Hair Conditioners
Wonderful conditioners that will leave your hair soft, silky, manageable, and tangle free. Packed full of proteins, vitamins, and herbal extracts to condition, moisturize, and balance your hair, adding body and shine.

Basic Citrus Lavender Moisturizing
Peppermint & Tea Tree

Hand & Body Lotions
My lotions, handmade with natural and organic ingredients, are smooth, rich, and creamy. They heal, soften, and nourish without blocking the natural function of your skin. A large selection for all skin types and conditions, use these wonderful lotions on your face, body, and baby.

Aloe Butter Avocado Butter Cocoa Butter Grapeseed Butter
Macadamia Butter Oat & Lanolin Olive Butter Pumpkin Butter
Sunflower & Shea

Hand & Body Lotions - Large Lotion Pump
This lotion pump fits the 1/2 and 1 gallon lotion jugs.

Large Lotion Pump

Herbal Soaps
You will love these all natural, handmade, herbal vegetable soaps. The natural oils and nutrients in my soaps clean and soften your skin maintaining the natural pH levels.

Alpine Sunrise Alpine Sunset Autumn Woods Cedarwood
Chamomile Clove Cocoa Butter Mint Coconut Milk
Desert Sage Eucalyptus Leaf Gentlemen's Herbal Garden
Lavender Lemon Peel Orange Blossom Palmarosa Tea Tree
Patchouli Rosemary Herb Rosemary Spice Scandinavian Forest
Sweet Earth Winter Wonderland

Lip Balm
Creamy, buttery lip balms made with natural ingredients, including pure beeswax, fruit and vegetable butters, aloe, and vitamin E. These wonderful balms heal, soften, and nourish your lips without the drying effects of petroleum based lip balm.

Almond Butter Balm Aloe Butter Balm Alpine Aloe Balm Alpine Organic Balm
Alpine Sun Balm Avocado Butter Balm Cocoa Butter Balm Macadamia Butter Balm
Mango Butter Balm Oat & Lanolin Balm Olive Butter Balm Shea & Chamomile Balm

Moisturizing Creams
Rich and moisturizing night and day, face and body creams to sooth, heal, and soften all skin types. Made with all natural ingredients including organic virgin coconut cream, aloe, cocoa butter, and organic shea butter. Great for facial toning, acne, oily-dry patches, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle control, elbows, knees, feet, and body.

Aloe & Shea Moisturizing Cream Cocoa Butter Body Mousse
Ivy Complexion & Body Cream Orchids & Silk Soufflé

Oat & Lanolin Soaps
A dreamy, luxurious soap made with anhydrous lanolin and oat fiber. Lanolin is obtained from the wool of sheep by squeezing the wool between rollers, or extracted after the wool has been sheered. This wonderful ointment is made up of antibiotics and fatty acid esters which are readily absorbed into the skin. Lanolin is hypoallergenic and is used to soothe chapped lips, diaper rash, dry, itchy skin, rough feet, minor cuts and burns, and skin abrasions.  I have also added oat fiber, a nourishing powder that contains starches and proteins to help condition your skin; relieving chapped, weather exposed skin. Oat fiber is also an excellent emollient for sensitive skin.

Ginger Lily Key Lime Laurel Berry Mountain Morning

Oatmeal Soaps
Both creamy and exfoliating, these bars are packed full of the wonderful skin care properties of oats. This moisturizing soap is a good emollient and great for sensitive skin, softening and soothing dry, irritated skin.

Citrus Spice Kitchen Bar Gingergrass Honey Almond Oatmeal Oat & Peppermint
Oatmeal & Sage Oatmeal Spice Patchouli Herb & Oatmeal

Paleo Body Soaps
Like great great grandma, and generations before her, used to make. . .  primal body grass fed tallow soap for natural living, made from the finest ingredients Mother Earth has to offer.  Experience the quality and pleasure of true soap, the perfect "food" for your skin. Mentioned in the first ancient Greek legends when soap was accidentally created from ash and fats, tallow soaps provide key elements we need to maintain healthy, sturdy cell integrity.  Tallow has a remarkably close cellular structure to that of human skin and is uniquely compatible with our skin's biology, leaving it supple, nourished, healthy, and toned.  You will enjoy the thick, rich, creamy lather as it conditions, tightens, and moisturizes your skin reducing inflammation.  Rich in anti-aging antioxidants, vitamins A, D, E, and K, and omega 3's that are easily absorbed to nourish the skin directly and promote skin cell regeneration.  Get back to basics with this wonderful, grass fed, pesticide free, antibiotic free, and hormone free tallow soap.

Paleo Alpine Morning Paleo Cinnamon Orange Paleo Eucalyptus Mint Paleo Pine Tree

Product Samples
Cute little pocket size samples, great for sampling my products and traveling.

Bath, Body, Massage Oil Bath & Spa Salts Bubble Bath Hair Conditioners
Hand & Body Lotions Handmade Soaps Lip Balm Moisturizing Creams

Shampoo & Body Bars
My shampoo & body bars are solid bars of shampoo that can replace your liquid shampoo and soap. These handmade soaps are not harsh detergents that strip your hair and scalp of natural oils, but rather mild bars that gently clean and nourish your hair and skin.  Jojoba, castor bean, wheat, aloe, and vitamin E are some of the wonderful oils used in these bars to promote hair care and a rich, thick lather. 

Aloe & Seaweed Citrus Herbal Garden Lavender
Peppermint & Tea Tree Woodland Sage

Shaving Soaps
I created my shaving soaps to soften your beard and sooth your skin; no razor burns, no irritation. Handcrafted with very mild and gentle ingredients such as aloe vera, wheatgerm, chamomile, white clay, and vitamin E. These bars have a rich, silky lather and are available in six wonderful fragrances. Great for you ladies, too!

Bay Rum English Leather Herbal Pine
Sandalwood Spice

Silk Soaps
Truly the silkiest, smoothest, most luxurious soap you will ever use. Made with silk powder, white clay, orchid extract, organic extra virgin coconut cream, and rice bran oil, these wonderful soaps are extremely rich in nutrients and contain amino acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and over 70 anti-oxidants to promote health, nourish, moisturize, heal, and reduce the appearance of fine lines, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and pampered.

Champagne Jade Orange Orchid Oriental Garden
Tahitian Flowers White Tea & Ginger

Sale and discontinued items

Fragrance Oils Soap Grab Bag

Woodland Candles
Aromatherapy is the art and practice of using essential oils extracted from aromatic plants and herbs to restore and enhance health and well being. My aromatherapy Woodland Candles are hand poured and fashioned to compliment any décor. These candles are scented all the way through with plant essences for a wonderful, natural aromatic experience. Made with premium grade paraffin wax, cotton braided wicking, and pure, steam distilled essential oils, these candles have a warm glow and will fill a room with their therapeutic aromas.

BirchCedarwoodEucalyptusFir Needle
Herbal GardenLavenderLemongrassSpice
Sweet OrangeUnscented

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