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What a beautiful, peaceful, and informative site.
Samina I.
New York, New York

Thank you for your vision and dream come true, Linda! I am back, faithfully, once again because nothing compares to your awesome soaps! I won’t use any other products . . . your lotions are the best!
Leigh Ann D.
Louisville, Kentucky

Fantastic, and most complete natural soap site I've come across.
Olan M.
Lubbock, Texas

Dear Linda,
I have been on a path for a long time to find pure, natural, beneficial products.   You surpassed them all.  Your artistry, knowledge, and spirit are as beautiful as your products.  They are a joy.  Thank you so much.  I could not get through a day without you!  I really appreciate the fact that there is something real left in this world.

All my life I have been enchanted by herbs and spices and have been growing and have studied them for about thirty years.  I am a firm believer in their virtues.  I also wanted to tell you that an acne problem I have been battling for almost ten years started clearing up after two days of using your soap!!  and I had tried everything.  I also follow ayurveda, so now that I use your products I feel completely whole!  Keep up the good work.
Stacey B.
Davisburg, Michigan

I want to compliment you on your product line and your web page! I was attracted to the site a couple of months ago and kept going back to check out the many different products you have available. I finally placed an order and have enjoyed trying your products since my package arrived a couple of weeks ago! I just tried your bath salts last evening and loved how the scent of cedarwood wafted through my apartment as well as how nice my skin felt during and after my bath! Your cream went on smoothly and absorbed right into the skin and left it feeling soft and smooth!

Your web site is nicely organized and gives plenty of helpful information and it is nice to see that you update and make changes on a regular basis and I feel better that my next purchase will be on a secure server! Your packaging is kept simple and has continuity with your site and your flyers which gives your line an uncomplicated and soothing identity. This allows the products to "speak for themselves"! It is obvious that you care about your customers and that you want to give them the best product you can for a fair price and that you enjoy what you are doing! Keep up the good work and I want you to know that I have enjoyed doing business with you and look forward to placing my next order!
David P.
New York, New York

I received my order of candles and lip balms. I love the products. I haven’t burned the candles yet, but the aromas are fantastic. The Tangerine Spice Lip Balm is excellent, too! Just thought I’d share my excitement with ya. Have a good one!
Amy M.
Chicago, Illinois

Your gifts are a worldwide hit! After taking some of my favorite products to England (to use as hostess gifts) you now have fans on the other side of the pond. Thanks for all you do!
Lorrie B.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

. . . . . I just wanted to tell you how much I LOOOOVE your soap! I have passed several bars on to friends and family. I tend to have allergies to most brands and yours are so mild and smell wonderful. Thanks so much!
Trish H.
Ventura, California

I got my first order a couple of weeks ago and am already ordering more. I really like your soap, but I'm especially taken with your lip balm! My loyalty to a certain extremely well known national brand is now history! You've done a great job.
Donna (last name withheld)
Altamonte Springs, Florida

Hi Linda, It was nice meeting you and buying some lovely soaps and lip balms. I really enjoyed seeing you make soap as well. All the best in your upcoming shows. Perhaps we’ll come out another time to visit and we’ll certainly stop by again. Oh, and say hi to Miss Shawnee!
Phil B. & Jane T.
Berkeley, California

It was great meeting you, and Shawnee, while I was out in Colorado. I loved the soaps and lotions I bought so much that I'm already ordering to be sure I don't run out - ever. I'll see you at the Villa Park show!
Sandi K.
Des Plaines, Illinois

I love your products.  Just received my Flavored Body Oils, buttercream and dark chocolate, they are wonderful.
Carol T.
Ronkonkoma, New York

I really enjoy your soaps because they don't leave any chemical residue on my skin and the essential oils leave a lasting, fresh scent. . .
Todd H.
Stafford, Texas

This soap is so beautifully fragrant! The suds are creamy and smooth. It makes my skin feel reborn at 47 years old! I will definitely be a repeat customer. This product is worth the extra cost.
Lisa A.
Royal Oak, Michigan

I love your soaps. The fragrances are so pleasing, they last a long time, and they lather so well.  Good job, Linda.
Julie C.
Denver, Colorado

We love your soap. The oatmeal helps to exfoliate so well. Nice clean smell, too.
Debbie M.
Chapman, Kansas

I stopped using soaps many years ago and only used shower gels. But since I've been using your soaps I haven't even touched a shower gel. The products you sell are great . . .
Nicholas M.
Secaucus, New Jersey

Can't say enough about your products.  Both my wife and I are totally pleased.  Best products for the body and skin I have ever used.
Robert Q.
Aylett, Virginia

Alpine Naturals' lip balms are the best I have ever used. The variety of essential oils and flavors makes them great  gifts. My lips are never without Alpine Naturals' lip balms. In fact, I have turned my daughters and all my friends on to your wonderful products. Thank you for my soft lips this winter!
Jan L.
Centralia, Washington

I have many friends at work who are interested in your products. They have commented on the change in my complexion. Thank you!
Eileen H.
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

The Alpine Naturals' web site is one of the best web sites I have seen so far. I wasn't confused, as I normally am, when assaulted by masses of irrelevant information, hard on the eye pages, while searching through other web sites for natural products. Well done for creating an easy to read, easier on the eye, well laid out and informative web site. I can't wait for my order to arrive!
Anita K.
London, England

Your products are lovely, I really enjoy them. I've loved every item that I have purchased. Your company is a pleasure to do business with.
Carol T.
Ronkonkoma, New York

Dear Linda, I'm back for more of your wonderful soaps. They're great for the skin and smell delicious. . . . Thank you so much for your great products.
Esther P.
Norwood, Massachusetts

Well organized, informative, appealing product list. Ordering process easy to use.  Thank you.
Robert B.
St. Helena, California

I am totally addicted to your lip balms. Nothing commercially matches them. All my friends who have received your products as gifts are equally thrilled. I also am happy to support a small business owner instead of the corporate giants. Thanks for all your hard work.
Sue A.
Portland, Oregon

Hi Linda, back for another order. It has been 4 years now using your lotion and there is nothing better.
Dottie M.
Las Vegas, Nevada

I received my first order of lotions today and they are Great!! Very rich and creamy, effective . . .
Michelle J.
Naperville, Illinois

I love the shampoo bars! My hair is a lot healthier and more manageable even than when I used natural shampoos. It has a lot more body and is soft and shiny. Thank you for making such wonderful natural products!
Deborah U.
Clearwater, Florida

Great product! I have given your lip balms to friends for presents. Now they are ordering their own! Thank you, thank you, for a lip balm that does not dry out and treats my lips with TLC!
Janet L.
Tucson, Arizona

As a true lip balm addict, I appreciate the natural and truly moisturizing ingredients in your lip balms. Many drugstore brands contain mentholatum and other substances that don't actually moisturize, but seem to create a dependence. The flavors are yummy and the texture is smooth and creamy. Plus! I like supporting a local Colorado company. Thank you!
Deborah D.
Commerce City, Colorado

Love the Legend of the Bayberry candle.  I have been burning a candle every year for seven years and although I like to believe it really works, I am very aware that it is only by God's loving hands that really works miracles.
Michelle S.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Love it, just love it. . . all hail natural living!  I like your balms, also. . . great products!
Zach B.
Hermitage, Pennsylvania

Great products - work especially well on skin exposed to cold and dry weather. I highly recommend Alpine Naturals. It is -40 in Alaska and the Olive Butter Lotion and Swedish Ligonberry Balm are providing protection and relief for my skin. Thank you for these products!
Christine M.
Anchorage, Alaska

Absolutely Love Your Company!  The products are great!
Lynette A.
Verona, North Dakota

I can't believe how wonderful and affordable your products are! I live very close to a well-known 'bath & body' store and your products and prices are so much better than theirs! Thank you for what you do!
Michelle W.
W. Jordan, Utah

Your soaps are wonderful. I have always had a problem with oily skin and my back breaks out, especially in the summer. Using these soaps on both body and face, I rarely have any problems, and my face is much smoother and wrinkles are reduced.
Judy N.
Arlington, Texas

Your products are by far the best I've found yet. I just received my first order not even a week ago and I am already back for more. I will most certainly become a 'regular' customer and will spread the word about your amazing products. I got rid of all of my store bought products that are filled with alcohol and other harsh chemicals and will never go back. Thank you so much Alpine Naturals!!
Teree C.
Pittsboro, Indiana

I love the way Alpine Naturals make my skin feel and smell. My husband and I message one another with the oils every night. The various scents are also wonderful. I will be a customer for life. I really love that we are not putting a lot of chemicals on our bodies. It's all natural from God's earth. Thank You Alpine Naturals!
Darlene H.
Chicago, Illinois

The best soaps I've ever used, both for shaving and shower. Shipping is always incredibly speedy, one of the most respectable companies on the net!
Jerry C.
Firestone, Colorado

I am allergic to preservatives, including formaldehyde, and your products do not include these ingredients; therefore, I enjoy them. I really like the way you have expanded what you offer over the years. Thanks so much.
Elizabeth K.
Lacassine, Louisiana

Greetings! I have recently received my first order from you, and I could not be happier! Your soaps are just lovely, as is the service I received. I am looking forward to receiving this next order! Thank you!
Melissa G.
Hendersonville, North Carolina

One of the most wonderful natural soaps I have ever tried and I have tried soaps from Maine to Canada and West.
Edward S.
Orrs Island, Maine

I've only tried one of the shampoo bars, but I'm sold! My hair feels wonderful, shines nicely, and isn't weighed down with all sorts of stuff... So, I'm trying more 'flavors' and the conditioners, too!
Jean C.
Louisville, Colorado

Love your soaps, especially the shampoo bars. My daughter has topical dermatitis/eczema and she uses the Patchouli Herb & Oatmeal Soap and it relieves her symptoms. Thank you.
Kathleen K.
Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Just received my order yesterday and I'm very happy with the facial brush and complexion bar. I forgot to moisturize my face after washing it and left home, I thought my skin would be all tight, but it wasn't, it was very soft and not dried out. Thanks!  :)
Jachelle W.
Kent, Washington

I absolutely love your website. It's very attractive and informative. I love all of the products I ordered the last time. It arrived quickly, too. It's nice to find a place where the prices are reasonable and the products are good for you. Keep up the great work, Linda!!!
Anabelle B.
Lexington, Kentucky

I have been using your soaps for about 6 months. I haven't found a better combination of aromatherapy and good lathering in a bar of soap until I used yours. Your soaps are practical and luxurious.
Veronica T.
El Dorado Hills, California

Your lip balms are the best I have ever used -- and I have been using lip balm for, probably, 20 years.
Nadia A.
Canon City, Colorado

Wonderful variety of unique natural products with detailed relating information!
Jeannette E.
Raymond, Ohio

I've made purchases of soaps both on the web and in specialty stores, but I always come back to Alpine Naturals. I love the variety, I love the customer care, and I love the natural oils that pamper and wonderfully scent my skin. I AM HOOKED!
Aida M.
South Pasadena, California

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your products. The shampoo and body bars smell amazing and has worked wonders on my hair. My favorite products, though, are the lip balms, which smell and taste wonderful. I will certainly order from you in the future. You also did a great job sending my products quickly - thanks so much!
Lauren (last name withheld)
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

I live in Southern California, and although we have many health food, alternative, and earth friendly stores, I have not found anything that compares to your soaps and lotions.  Yours are the best. Your soaps lather up nicely and have helped my complexion, which consisted of blemishes and dry patches. Your lotions absorb nicely, making my skin feel smooth and supple, not oily.  I am happy to have found your products on the Internet. You haven't ever missed a beat with my deliveries. I have been using your products for a few years now, and when I run out and before I reorder, I can never find anything that I like better.  Thanks.
Veronica T.
El Dorado Hills, California

I just placed an order on your website and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your products!  I have used your soaps and lip balms in the past and really love them.  They feel great and most importantly, I can pronounce everything in them!  No harsh chemicals and binders that irritate my skin. Your lip balms are the silkiest and best ones I have ever used (and I have quite the collection of lip balms that I have tried and been disappointed with!).  I ordered samples of some of your different lotions to try and see which one I like best (a decision that will not be easy, I'm sure!), as I'm now looking for something for my skin that doesn't have all the chemicals and petroleum that most do. Thanks so much for continuing to make awesome products for those of us who aren't satisfied with what is currently available on our store shelves and only want the best!
Jennifer T.
Lowell, Arkansas

I use the Hand & Body Lotion after I wash my hands and it feels so smooth, silky, and soft. My hands don't feel dry or rough, no skin irritation or cracking anymore.  If I don't use it for a day or 2, my hands still feel smooth and soft with no dry skin. I ordered it from you last month and I'm surprised that my hands are back to normal from the skin discoloration.  I love the smell of the lotion!
Mrs. W.
Chesterfield, Virginia

Thank you, Linda, and Greetings!
I have always loved your products, web site, philosophy, high standards, insight, and inspiration!  And I always recommend you to others. It's a joy to visit your site, as it is so peaceful and quieting -- offering a calming, aesthetic beauty.  It is like visiting the plants themselves, such a clear love for the essence of nature is to be found there.
With all best wishes,
Karyn Z.
Pasadena, California

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